Renovation Progress on Dick’s Cabin

image000000Here is a picture of the mini-bar construction in progress.  The pond-side room is getting a make-over. New, ship-lap panelling, new lights, mini-bar and a great set of windows.  Plus much more!  Keep posted for updates.


Renovations to Dick’s Cabin


Our cutest cabin is getting even better! We have just embarked on various upgrades to Dick’s Maggot that will make it even more comfortable and user-friendly. A better porch, built-in kitchenette, interior upgrades, hand shower in the claw-foot tub, new lighting and improved bathing.  It will be the perfect romantic get-away!

Season’s End

It was a magical summer! The drought certainly stressed out the trees but it also brought glorious sunshine and temperate days well into September. Long Pond remained wonderfully warm; the swimming was unparalleled. Our new guests were enchanted by the experience and our return guests enjoyed one of the best summers ever. The rental season is almost done and we’ve begun making plans for next year.

Many, many thanks to all who helped us out this year with cleaning, carpentry, furniture repair, painting, lawn mowing, tree cutting, road grading, laundry, plumbing, electric work, junk hauling, waste management, pest control, septic maintenance, irrigation, gardening, sign making, advertising, booking, accounting and more.  It takes a village to run our little piece of Long Pond heaven and the help of so many great people is much, much appreciated.  Although we will leave off names of specific people to preserve their privacy, here are some of the local businesses that helped us out this year:

Long Pond Custom Builders

Emerald City, LLC

Waitkus Disposal

Emerald Excavating

Kahians Appliance

Churchill Oil and Gas

Roberts Roofing

Gosule, Botkus and Jesso

Scag Tree Service

Pinewoods Camp, Inc.

Wind River Environmental

Hollis Insurance

Fowler and Sons Pest Control

Boston Textile

2011-08-17 19.28.23 HDR


Long Pond in September

View from Apley House beach in September

IMG_4906There’s lots of open dates in Apley House’s September schedule.  We think it is the best month to visit — the pond is still warm, the noise of the summer has quieted down, wildlife returns and the trees display their colors.  Apley House is on the beautiful trail system that leads around the cranberry bogs of Halfway Pond.

Redstart Sails Again!

David Conant Sailing RedstartVersion 2After a 10+ year hiatus, David has put the Redstart sailboat back in working order.  Here he is on the boat’s first voyage of the year.  Redstart was Ricky Conant’s (our dad’s) boat in which he won many Long Pond seasons. David put on the original Egyptian cotton sail for the first run. We decorated it for Ricky’s 50th birthday as a surprise.  Not so welcome when it occurred, but 37 years later it brings back lots of memories.