The Lili Group

CLThe Lilli cabins are a cluster of four old-fashioned Adirondack camp style cabins. With three sleeping cabins and one commons cabin, they are well suited to mixed groups of up to nine guests. You can have both privacy and camaraderie in the same vacation.

The four rustic cabins are situated along the shore of Long Pond and have exclusive use of the grassy waterfront and dock next to the Dick’s Maggot cabin.  Generally available in June, early July and September, the cabins offer an old-fashioned lakeshore experience.  


Ricky's House

Ricky’s House

lilli livingrm

Lilliburlero Living Room

lilli kitchen 2012

Lilliburlero Kitchen. It’s a classic but this is an old photo. We’ve updated it since this shot. Removed the wood stove and added new stove, fridge and more cabinetry. It’s fully equipped for a large family.

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